Text messages

We were going to a vehicle meet-up tonight, right? On the way home from the gym, I pass this Italian-named mechanic shop and see a gathering of Porches, mostly 911s. My man is meeting his family to play golf at his brother’s somewhat snooty golf club, in celebration of my man’s birthday. So, I send my man a message and tell him there’s a Porsche meet-up at the mechanic place. He replies, ‘Might say the same thing out here at my brother’s club with just the members’ cars.’ 😛

Great start to the day, being silly and all. But it gets better.

As I’m arriving to his house this afternoon, after golf for him and work for me, I receive these messages:

Oh, the joys of Siri and Auto-correct… 😛

Post-a-day 2022

Odd friends

H: Still want to do something now, or feel like something tomorrow morning? I finish at the gym around 8:45

B: I mean I’m okay with either. I’m just sitting around at home right now with nothing to do

H: Want to go help remove wreaths from military graves tomorrow morning?
H: Houston National Cemetary

B: Sure
B: Also let me just say of all possible suggestions of things to do
B: I would’ve never, in any ordinate amount of time, guessed that
B: You didn’t see it but the double take I did when I read that was cartoonish
Yes, that was a real text interaction I had. Isn’t it lovely? Just glorious. 😛

Thank you, Gos and Universe, for such loving absurdity in my life. Amen.
Post-a-day 2022
(Kind of remembered)


Tonight, I share what to me is a multi-layered comical message exchange between me and a girlfriend, from earlier tonight.


D: They won’t leave 😭

H: They’ve been there over two hours, right?

Are you going to want to watch a movie still, or

just slowly go to bed a this pint?


D: Leaving in a few min, so it’s up to you!

H: Nah. I napped this afternoon, but I’m already

exhausted – I can feel it in my eyes. I started

my period yesterday, and it’s really draining

me today.

Ha. Literally.

D: Ok I’m probably going to go to bed too

H: I can’t even get myself to get up and go

shower, it seems like such a hassle

D: I have to make my bed before going to sleep

and I’m dreading it lol

I washed my sheets today lol

H: Uh. That just reminded me that my laundry

is in the dryer on the first floor. I have to

go outside to get it

I have no more clean socks

But that can wait for morning



D: Lol why would someone die their dog pink?

H: Exactly


I laughed pretty hard at my discovery of my “literally” comment/statement, and it hurt my organs, and made me have to rush to the bathroom… gotta love the absurdity of our reproductive systems, right?

Haha 😛

Post-a-day 2020

Crazy messages galore

Just to add on to what I shared last night, I share this bit of text message conversation between that same cousin and me today, following a photo she sent me via her mother’s phone.


Cousin:  Phone has decided to stop working. Using mom’s for the moment. What do these look like?
Hannah:  Almost like champagne glasses
Cousin:  Quite bosomy. I had to get them for you
Tis admittedly a more generous bust than most.
I thought you might appreciate a cup size closer to your own. Most glasses are an A at best.
Hannah:  Haha… Totally… I accept that idea. Personal champagne glasses.


Just another day in the life.  😀

Post-a-day 2018

“You could tuck in the mullet part”

The things we say in our family member text messages – things which, at the time, seem normal enough to us – never cease to amaze me… and today’s was no excuse.

We were looking for a reasonable Elvis wig in the costume shop, for a Catholic Life Insurance party this weekend, you see, and one wig was really rather good, minus the few mullet hairs in the back.

Simple, and totally normal, right?


Post-a-day 2018

Stepping up

Dear ——, is this still your number?  Hannah ——- here.  I wanted you to know that I am very interested in renting out your apartment.  However, I have three concerns.  1) I’d like to see it to be certain.  2) I would prefer to move in in June instead of May.  Would that be possible?  3) If something were to come up where I receive a job offer abroad, would it work for me to move out sooner than anticipated (even if that means I find a sub-letter, etc.)?


A series of text messages I am considering sending tomorrow (as the person prefers messages to calls, and it is too late to do it tonight).

Post-a-day 2018