Day one!

Today was day one of my fourth year at my gym. I started it off with a regular 5:15am workout – workout #1 – and then headed to school for the day. Though I definitely didn’t get enough sleep the past two nights, it was still a great day and time. I hung with my mom after school, then went to church for crawfish and prayer and the Divine Mercy stations of the cross (my first time ever doing them). It was an awesome day, and I am incredibly grateful for having been granted all of what today has been. Thank you, God.

I got 190 workouts in my first year at the gym. The second had the mandatory shutdown of gyms, so I only did 124 (boo). But, my third year, I took seriously again, and I did 201 workouts for the year (yippee)! My goal four year four is 202 workouts. Let’s do this! LFG ❤

Post-a-day 2022

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