Friday night

Tonight, I think I want to go home after school and just go to bed.

Mom invites us to a family dinner at an awesome Mexico City restaurant, where we go once or twice a year, essentially to celebrate Mexican holidays. (Remember, we’re part Mexican [though, not really].)

We stay there way later than expected, as my brother can’t arrive until an hour after planned, and then we have a lovely time just all being together. Man has to go run errands, and I stay with family. Brother takes me home, and stays to hang out and talk. Man comes after his errands. They have a beer together. It is now almost one A.M.

Seriously? So much for going straight to bed tonight… ugh. Definitely not doing the morning workout, now, and hopefully can get enough sleep to function for the karate training seminar tomorrow. And hopefully I can go to bed early tomorrow night, so that I can be prepared for the part-time job I have to do Sunday (though don’t want to do).

Post-a-day 2022


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