Friends first

I think I am learning valuable lessons constantly in life.

Tonight, I have finalized the learning of the idea that, when visiting a friend, begin immediately to do the intended activities – typically one-on-one hanging out and talking about specifics and non-specifics from life since we last were together, in my case – instead of allowing anything else to take over the time, and then leave you having to stay up miserably late, and then having to go to bed from exhaustion and a need to wake early for work etc.. the next day, which always cuts the conversation short…

Even if you will be together a long while, do it at the start, so that the necessary is completed, and there is now room for surprises and deviations for any expected plan.

Actually, this applies to basically everything in life, but I have only tonight discovered this specific version of it.

Just some food for thought, as I struggle to see straight from exhaustion… 😉

Post-a-day 2020

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