The oddest things

*****Fair warning: Bodily content discussed in the following ********

I swear, for most of my life, I have wondered at the fact that my nipples look like they just might belong to two totally different people. One side is always one way, and the other side is always another way. They might as well be on two different bodies, the way they behave and stand and look. Sure, they’re related to one another. But they are not twins. Not in the least.

I wonder if Playboy (etc.) ever had to photoshop a nipple, because a model had a similar situation, and they just weren’t about it… ‘Nipples must match!’ they declared one day.

Okay, I am totally laughing at this image I have of a bunch of rich white guys in suits having this conversation in an office, just like they would have serious financial conversations in any fancy, multi-million-dollar business. And this one just happens to be about nipples. ::facepalm

Oh, man…

Literally. (Ha!)

Post-a-day 2021

^Nope, still had to think about it

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