Happy Halloween

Well, I allowed them to present about Halloween in class, and play the darn song…, and I have since had it repeating nonstop in my head. I know all the words well now, and can even play the song on ukulele… I’m planning to play it on my last day with them as a parting gift. I suspect that they will go wild… I await with extreme delight and anticipation. 😛

Also, I was Ariel on the beach today, my costume. It was spectacular. I even put Sebastian hanging on one of the ropes. I considered carrying around a fork, just to help people out with context, even though she didn’t have a fork in that outfit. But I didn’t do it – the costume as for me, and I enjoyed it thoroughly as it was, no fork, true to the series of events. The few people who realized I wasn’t just terrible at dressing in a toga – but who even would wear a yoga so dreadfully, really?!! – also were extremely delighted.

Post-a-day 2021

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