Not only are we a white girl and an Asian girl living in a majority black and part-Hispanic apartment complex – read that ‘major minorities’ – but we are also just generally weird people in the first place… put us in black culture, and we become suddenly even more weird.

Example? Well, today, I tested out how best to go about cleaning the hallway outside our front door… the hallways are outdoors technically, but they are covered, and most have walls on both sides almost their entire lengths. However, they are coated in black and general dirtiness, and it is dreadful. It gets all over the bottoms of shoes, it is so horrible. So, what do I do? Naturally, I scrubbed it with bleach water. I would power wash if it were an option, but there isn’t a hose hookup on our floor near here, and I feel like that would be a bit frowned upon as a whole for the noise and water…

So, yeah… I was scrubbing the ground outside my front door this afternoon. And I’ll be using a bigger floor scrubber, probably tomorrow, to do the whole strip of the hallway next, now that I know it works. And I’m excited about it…

Crazy white girl, for sure… 😛

Post-a-day 2022

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