A day for rest

I think I am finally remembering why I avoided scheduling and agreeing to things on Sundays, why I wouldn’t work Sundays at the shop. You see, by Sunday, I am worn down, sometimes immensely. I truly think that I need Sundays as a day of rest for me in my life. Yes, it lines up well with Church and the sabbath and all, but it really seems like I just end up sick and stressed and feeling inevitably behind and nearly overwhelmed with everything else in life, when I just keep going over the weekend. However, when I take a Sunday like a rainy day restful day, not really going anywhere but Church, and just hanging around at home, maybe doing household chores, if they’re needed and if I have the energy (though, folding clothes is usually quite meditative for me). I think I need to move back to that.

I considered doing it today. But it felt like a wasteful idea, to lie on the sofa and watch a movies or series and, maybe, doze… I think, however, that it is more beneficial to me and to the week at large if I actually do laze around on Sunday afternoons, truly giving myself space to do nothing for a little while. From that, I am able to go to sleep early, and wake up actually refreshed on Monday morning.

I certainly wish that were the case right now… alas, I know how to handle things going forward!

Post-a-day 2022


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