Freeze and Slice

More like freeze and clamp and slice, but whatever. I pictured it much like dog nail clippers, to be sure. Even though the spot was numbed – something like a mole that I’ve had most of my life on the base of my skull at my hair line – I could still tell the moment she had clamped and sliced it off… there was just something about the movements and sensations around the area that made it clear for me. And now, it has completed its time with me…

It definitely freaked me out, having that mole thing removed so quickly and without almost any preparation or expectation of its going to happen, but I think it was appropriate. This way, once the spot heals fully, I can brush and comb the back of my hair and not have to be extra careful of that bump. (I genuinely nailed it with a comb far too many times, actually making it leak tissue fluid or blood multiple times in my life. I actually stopped using combs almost entirely because of it. Perhaps I shall begin combing my hair again soon…) I think it will be good.

Thank you, my man, and thank you, God, for this blessing of an opportunity today. And thank you for such a positive and comfortable experience with the skin doctor, and for her clear love and passion for her work and the true and full well-being of the people she sees. In your name in gratitude, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

P.S. God, please, help me sleep well tonight. I’m a bit nervous due to this healing, tender spot I now have on the back of my neck and head. Thank you. Amen!


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