Bug bites

Okay, these bug bites are kind of genuinely starting to make me nervous. Sure, some of them started to stop itching and hurting today… but some are still itching and hurting, and it almost seems like more have popped up than I originally had…

I will catalog them well and keep track. And I will check with my mom tomorrow on what her thoughts are, as well as my man and his thoughts.

God, help me be healed from these, please. In your name, I pray with hope. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023

Freeze and Slice

More like freeze and clamp and slice, but whatever. I pictured it much like dog nail clippers, to be sure. Even though the spot was numbed – something like a mole that I’ve had most of my life on the base of my skull at my hair line – I could still tell the moment she had clamped and sliced it off… there was just something about the movements and sensations around the area that made it clear for me. And now, it has completed its time with me…

It definitely freaked me out, having that mole thing removed so quickly and without almost any preparation or expectation of its going to happen, but I think it was appropriate. This way, once the spot heals fully, I can brush and comb the back of my hair and not have to be extra careful of that bump. (I genuinely nailed it with a comb far too many times, actually making it leak tissue fluid or blood multiple times in my life. I actually stopped using combs almost entirely because of it. Perhaps I shall begin combing my hair again soon…) I think it will be good.

Thank you, my man, and thank you, God, for this blessing of an opportunity today. And thank you for such a positive and comfortable experience with the skin doctor, and for her clear love and passion for her work and the true and full well-being of the people she sees. In your name in gratitude, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

P.S. God, please, help me sleep well tonight. I’m a bit nervous due to this healing, tender spot I now have on the back of my neck and head. Thank you. Amen!

Booty work

Well, the rash is back in full swing! (Or, shall I say, itch??) Ugh. Guess it’s time to cut out all sugar sources, which is minimal in terms of processed sugars, but is a major bummer in terms of bananas and grapes and all other fruits that I would love to have right now. But, hopefully, it will be worth it, as this thing seems to thrive on sugars (and make me crave them, too). Hopefully, I can crunch on a bunch of ice and drink cold, cold water to satisfy all my watery-sweet, cool-fruit-in-summertime cravings. Hats off to the absurd for our health!

God, give me the grace and strength, please. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

“Ouch! Leave it!”

Anyone else out there think that acne would have gone away after high school and college?? And anyone else out there find that not to be what happened for you?

I mean, it’s not like it really bad or anything – nothing like middle school and high school – but come on… must we really still deal with this nonsense? What have we messed up in our diet and fitness here? Seriously, what? Taking care of and honoring my body has little to do with it, it seems, and sweating has almost everything to do with it. Give me one afternoon in a muggy place, and I can almost guarantee that I will have at least a little bit of acne just about everywhere that got touched/rubbed during those muggy hours.

Ugh… oils and junk. Just eww, sometimes.

Post-a-day 2022


And some days, you have an amazing day going with your friend and her baby to the beach, which is for the baby’s first-ever beach trip – by the way, she loved it! – , and the half-Mexican baby ends up totally fine with darker skin, and you and your girlfriend look like crawfish, just in time for the end of the season… Or, perhaps, I’m on my own on this one… 😛

Post-a-day 2022


My skin has gotten so dried out that it truly had a layer of white on top… the dead skin cells, I suppose, that did not get their needed hydration (or, rather, were stripped of that hydration by soap and dry winter air).

Guess I really ought to be better about putting the oils on after showering now, when my skin is still all wet from the shower. I’ve just been so focused on my hands not getting all bloody, everything else with my skin has kind of taken a back burner… :/

Post-a-day 2022

Some skin at the gym

Two or three fingertips press gently on my skin, just above my left hip, halfway between my hip an dry navel. Two or three others do the same on the outer edge of my right side waist. I am in a workout bra and leggings, and the skin-to-skin contact is like a jolt of electricity to my body. But not in a sexual way. It is in an empowering way, as though that contact literally has given my body more power.

We are at the gym, in the middle of the strength part of the workout, transitioning to the second half of the strength work. The hands of the fingers belong to a slightly older man who loves me, just as I am. I love him, too. He was gently preventing us from colliding as we passed one another, and several other people were suddenly right around us, doing the same thing, nearly running into one another. Everyone, of course, just barely misses collision, likely thanks to several hands gently guiding their owners and others away from one another. And, like I said, it wasn’t sexual, those fingertips on my skin. But it was certainly sensual, lighting me up with capability and power. I could feel the spots where they touched for hours afterward, continuously reaping further rewards from that small yet impactful energetic exchange. Thank you for the love, my body kept saying, almost like a mantra, both to me and to him. Thank you for that.

And, golly, it was wonderful. I am grateful. Thank you, God, and thank you , Universe. Please, continue to bless me with Your love, and continue to guide me to be Your love in the world. In Your name I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

(Barely got it!)


Quote of the day

“Look, I know sex has greatness in its own right, but all I really want… is naked cuddles,” she declared.

Talk about unpopular opinions, this one likely would throw a lot of people through a loop. But, hey, if intentional and conscious physical intimacy is the goal, then it makes sense, right? Instead allowing oneself to cross over to an animalistic degree of human function – that part of humanity designed to procreate without having to be told how to do it -, there is an opportunity to be extremely intimate without loss of full consciousness and presence and without procreation. It is definitely a valuable idea, I dare say. Indeed, it would be much more intimate as a whole than sexual intercourse would be.

But can people actually do that and only that??? Interesting inquiry…

Post-a-day 2021


In middle school, I discovered that my love of stickers could be used I my advantage. I already stuck fruit stickers on me, whenever I peeled them off of my fruit, and the sticker kind of went wherever was most handy on the moment and wouldn’t easily get stuck on something else as I continued moving about in my day. So, that meant usually the backs of my hands or, if in shorts, the tops of my thighs had at least one fruit sticker on any given afternoon. However, I liked the idea of putting stickers in one’s cheek/s, as fellow classmates did (though with normal stickers, not fruit label stickers). And so, I started doing that, too. And then, I started strategically placing the face fruit stickers directly over bad acne spots. I don’t know if others saw through my disguise, but it certainly helped me relax a bit, especially when I looked on the mirror and didn’t see a massive red spot anymore, but a cute fruit sticker instead.

Nowadays, I’m slightly amazed at be fact that the germs of it didn’t freak me out, but I wasn’t so far into the OCD world back then. My body still had much development and hormonal explosions in store for me.

However, I do still stick fruit stickers onto my skin, following my original methods. Today, my arm was closest, so it won, even though it wasn’t the best surface for a sticker to stay stuck. Nonetheless, that persimmon sticker brought me much joy each time I noticed it. There’s something fun in the silliness of having a sticker period, and an extra degree of fun at the fact that it is, of all stickers, a sticker from a piece of fruit.

I love it. And I look forward to many more fruit stickers stuck to my body parts in the future. 😛

Post-a-day 2021

Oh, no…






Once I noticed it tonight, I immediately took some of the supplement I had been taking back when we got rid of it. I also put some topical things on it, and I reached out to the nutritionist to ask his recommendation. (He’s the one who got rid of it last time.) I am praying and intending that this will sort it out within the next 24-48 hours.

Please, God and Universe, heal my body. I have been dealing with so much lately, it is starting to feel like it isn’t worth it to bother taking care of myself. My emotions are really starting to struggle here… please, please, please, help me to heal myself in all ways this week.


Post-a-day 2021