That’s the German word for sore muscles after exercise, and I love it. My leg muscles are especially sore right now, and have been for about a week now. Mostly my hamstrings hurt, I guess, though it all is sore, just to varying degrees.

I had my man rub the backs of my legs for me tonight. I asked and told him to be gentle and careful, and use his whole hand to speed the pressure out… and he kind of did. But he also forgot or got distracted every couple seconds or so, and then pushed pointedly and much harder. I even started genuinely crying at one point, it hurt so much. I’d keep telling him when it was too hard, too much, yet he didn’t always seem to believe me… something like that. Whatever the case, his help was extremely painful at times, leaving me writhing in pain, yelling loudly, and, even, crying. It was helpful overall, but the too far stuff was just that – too far.

Hopefully, my muscles heal better tonight and tomorrow than they have been doing.

Post-a-day 2022


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