We met with my step-father’s sister and her husband the other morning for brunch, because my mom told me just the other day that they lived near where we would be staying in San Miguel. While at brunch, she mentioned that they lived very near the airport I’d be using for an early flight Friday morning, and invited us to go stay with them Thursday night, so my man didn’t have to make a two-hour drive to the airport before sunrise.

Thus we find ourselves here in the upstairs apartment that is connected to their cute house in their little suburb town. We had a wonderful time this evening and over dinner with them, staying up too late for all of us. After she went to bed and I went to get ready for bed, the boys stayed another hour, just chatting and having a grand old time. It was adorable.

Thank you, God, for this amazing day and evening. Please, grant us safe travels tomorrow, as well as great health for all of us. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023


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