Unbelievable life

Do you ever find yourself filled with this unexplainable feeling of joy and excitement regarding the general idea of what’s happening in your life, and then suddenly realize that the feeling isn’t actually about your own life, but about the character’s life from a movie or book that you were just watching or reading?

And then, at that realization, do you find yourself suddenly totally miserable, and already considering what movie or book would be a good remedy for your current state, while simultaneously wondering if that wouldn’t just put you back in the same position as you are right now?

Life is nuts, I tell you… or, at least, I am, anyway.

Post-a-day 2018


Is it heart or nonsense?

Ever feel like you’re secretly an amazing artist, and you just have to set up your life so that you start creating the art, and the world will follow suit by tossing gobs of money your way to encourage more art to be shared with the world?  I totally do.  And I felt a lot of the pull today towards doing that with my life.  It has been a spectacular end of and beginning of these two different years of my life today.  My brain is sleepy from so much back-and-forth thought patterns and emotions, but thrilled at prospects that feel ever nearer.  🙂  I have happy hopes and intentions for this year.

Post-a-day 2018

fingertips free

Mind still rolling, breathing still stilted, discomfort still within… and yet something has released and I feel a freedom I have not felt in… well, I do not know.  But it is an easing of something that once was wound tightly, the way the wrist always looks when a forgotten hair tie that was too tight is finally removed – the mark is still there and an itching is beginning, but the blood flows freely now…  I can still feel the tingling sting in my fingertips, reminding me that the bindings that were so tight have, indeed, been loosened.  Good things are to come, and soon.

Post-a-day 2018