Love one another?

I mentioned just the other night about my interaction with another person who maintains true eye contact while in conversation.

As I do the same thing, we often ended up with what felt like locked eyes, it lasted so much longer than it does with most people.

He also gave me a simple compliment in my hair… I don’t remember quite what it was he said, just that it was something to the effect of that my hair looks [insert positive word] long.

And I am both comfortable and clear that it was not flirting nor an expression of interest.

Yet, my mind keeps going back to it all.

I feel like it speaks strongly on our society that such attention is difficult to be seen as regular person-to-person love… such love is hardly regular these days.

And I don’t know if it used to be either – I just know that it isn’t regular now.

And I so want it to be.

I guess this is just a place for me to step up my own expression of person-to-person love in my little corner of the world…

You know?

Post-a-day 2019

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