This has been a week of compliments for me. First, the perfection butt. Then, my singing and song-writing…., a few times. At a restaurant tonight – we went for margaritas, not for food -, as I was walking back to the table from the bathroom, a waitress said something to me. I thought that I must have misunderstood, so I replied with a few blinks, a frown of confusion, and a, ‘What was that?’ She then repeated herself.

I had not misunderstood.

She had said, and this was not our waitress, but one I hadn’t seen until this point, “Woah…, your body is awesome.”

I thanked her, and continued my way back to the table, contemplating my many responses to the situation.

I ended on gratitude and excitement and encouragement. 🙂

Post-a-day 2021

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