Tonight, I unexpectedly participated in a trapeze class. It was my first time in a class, and I had only had one time to play around (with guidance) on the trapeze a month or two ago to give me any kind of foundation. And it was not a beginner class.

However, I persevered and powered through, and I actually managed to do over half of the routine and its required skills. And it was way fun and satisfying to be part of it all and do the trapeze work.

Also, when I happened to look on the mirror early on, just after I’d done my first inversion and had to take off my shirt, I discovered that I am ripped. My upper body is spectacularly shapely and fit. Just wow… so, that was a cool surprise to discover.

Anyway, it was an awesome challenge tonight, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and the success within it.

There is a performance for the high level folks (mostly teachers) coming up, and so they were coming in for a rehearsal at the end of our class tonight. I told one of the guys – an extremely graceful and beautiful dancer and trapeze artist (only things I’ve seen from him so far, anyway) – that I had just done my first trapeze class. He was excited for me, and told me to show him what all I had learned. I told him that I couldn’t do all of it, but would give it what I could. He enthusiastically watched and encouraged me, and others joined in as I walked through everything from class that I could and could kind of do. His care and concern, and the support of all of them together, really made a powerful impact upon me. It was really cool that he and they had showed such interest in my beginner endeavours.

Alas, here are those endeavours!

Post-a-day 2021

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