Talk about an explosion of emotion… today has certainly had that. Rather, this evening has had that. I have been working on paying attention to and trusting the energetic feelings and pulls I have in life, as they have proven disastrous when ignored and spectacular when followed, especially lately. My whole housing situation would have been a million times worse if I hadn’t followed the weird feelings I was having around that and that I ‘needed to be out of there by just before Christmas, or before the end of the year, or just after the new year started’. That’s exactly what ended up happening, and it only was relayed to me as being so the week of Christmas. I thank God and the Universe that they had given me a lease to sign not only thirty minutes before that dreadful phone call. Sure, it leaves me without my own home for seven weeks, but it gives me a chance to experience life differently and to be living in gratitude and love with my friend who has offered me a temporary home with her loving family.

Anyway, what came up today, especially the part around this one job I have, has been hitting kind of hard for me. Something about it has a really nasty feeling to it. And I use the word “nasty” specifically, as that is the word that feels appropriate for this feeling – it just feels nasty, somehow. It seems that I have a few days before I have to determine what to do for this work thing. Dear God and Universe, please, help me to see entirely clearly what action to take on my part, that I may be Your love in the world in all that I do and in all that I am. Guide me wholly, please. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

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