Rainy Days

Today, my brother was scheduled to help my man build part of a fence. It’s roughly a two-day job, according to my man, but this was meant to be a start.

However, when it poured rain last night, and the yard turned into sludge and a pond, my man was wanting to cancel. But I held firmly to the fact that he still could get a lot done today, with my brother’s help, despite the rain. So, they got to work this afternoon.

By the end of it, they had placed the posts and poured the concrete that now needs to sit for a day or so before the rest of the building can take place. They also dug out and ripped up loads and loads of viney roots from the ground where the fence needs to stand. And, frankly, if it hadn’t rained so much, those roots would have been an absolute misery to dig and pull out. Yes, it was messy this way, but it was less physical effort for the labor. So, the rain was a bit of a small blessing, after all!

Separately, one great anecdote came from their work today. They ended up pulling up one root that was about ten feet long. It looked like a whip from nature. And yes, it did crack, breaking the sound barrier, like an actual whip. (!!!) What’s more, when they first pulled it up, my man was so excited at how it was like a real whip, he went ahead and snapped it right there to see if it would crack like a whip… forgetting that they were presently surrounded by loads of water and mud, and subsequently shooting that water and mud everywhere. My brother especially got covered in spots of mud and muddy water. It was silly and stupid and wonderful. 😛

Post-a-day 2022


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