I 100% just gave feedback to this new lululemon studio app regarding the company’s constant misuse of the word, “everyday”. (And not just their use within the app, but even on their clothing, in the hemlines.)

I even included a link to this explanation by Merriam-Webster. This company drives me up the wall the way they all constantly use the adjective, everyday, instead of the adverb, every day. When do you want to work out for the 31-day challenge? Every day. What kind of movements can you do? Everyday workout movements, like air squats and push-ups and sit-ups.


I really hope they fix it. Truly, I do. That’s why I gave the feedback, even though there wasn’t any clear place to give any feedback.

Simple bits of grammar like that drive me up the wall these days, because people not only aren’t caring about correcting things very often, but they never cared about getting it right in the first place, and so have no idea that their work is chock-full of errors(!!!). Ugh(!!!!!!!).


Dear God, please, help the stupid and selfish people to learn to do better. Please. I mean that. I’ll even help them, if you wish. Just, please, help them to improve. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


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