It is time, my dear, to do something

Sometimes, when I begin to see all the things I could be, all the things I could do, I start to wonder why on Earth I’m sitting sadly where I am – there’s so much more inspiring than being bummed a good chunk of the time about not knowing what to pursue.

Just look for little things that inspire me, and go after them with all I’ve got – that in and of itself is guaranteed to spread a good amount of love and joy and fulfillment in my life… wallowing off and on only detracts from anything good, anyway, and helps nothing.

So, stop doing the wallow-ensuing activities, already, would you, Hannah?

And, if you don’t like something, figure out when it is worth finishing up, and make that happen, so you can move forward with the things you do like and love, and at which you naturally thrive – life wants the greatest from you, not the measly minimum.

It’s okay to be unhappy – it’s not okay to leave everything as-is when you are unhappy.

Just evaluate and then do something about it all that will be the positive difference you need. 😉

Post-a-day 2019

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