“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Aka “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”

I watched this movie today for the first time.

It was with my aunt and cousin and my grandma.

The movie was silly and not necessarily something I would watch again.

However, it holds a place of significance within our family, despite the fact that only my grandma and cousin had ever seen the film before today.

What is its significance?

The wedding dresses, of course.

That quick scene at the end of the film, about a minute and a half total, in which the women appear in matching wedding dresses… that is what is significant about the film to our family.

The movie released July 1st, 1953, in the USA.

My grandma went to see the movie in the cinema with a friend of hers.

At the time, my grandma was engaged to be married to my Opa.

And she was struck by the wedding dresses at the end…

So much so that she wanted her own wedding dress to look quite similar to these two dresses.

However, in 1953, there were no smart phones, no point and shoot cameras, and no imdb.com.

There was no way to have her mother see the dresses except right there in the theatre, for that minute and a half.

And so, when she asked her mother if she, her mother, could make this dress for my grandma, her mother agreed to check out this film.

She brought a notebook for sketching the dresses, and she and my grandma went to the cinema together… three times.

The film cost, for each of them, about “a dollar and a quarter,” according to my grandma, which was somewhat hefty at the time…. especially for two people to go three times to the cinema.

Her mother sketched furiously, my grandma says, and had to spend a whole visit working on figuring out the sleeves of the dresses.

Eventually, though, my grandma was handed a better, badder, and much improved version of the dress.

And it looked gorgeous on her, of course!

Could you imagine doing that?

P.S. Since she worked so hard to see and draw and create the dress, I’ll leave the easy modern-day task of finding the dresses to you – you can manage it, I dare say. 🙂

P.P.S. Okay, I couldn’t resist sharing the photos:

Post-a-day 2019

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