A call to love

I am feeling more and more clearly called to go do a specific something that, though it sounds crazy, seems and feels good to do…

The circumstances that keep coming to mind around the event are a bit unusual for me, but I am not opposed to them – I accept that they are entirely possible, and, even possible to go exactly as my mind keeps glimpsing them to me.

I am being vague, but it is merely for the privacy that I believe another deserves.

We are all, after all, humans, and I believe, as Thomas J. and the rest said so long ago, that being human has certain unalienable rights… including, in my words, a right to love and to be loved.

And so, with that thought in mind, I pursue gently this lead that keeps popping into my head… if it works out easily, it is meant to be; if I end up fighting in the matter, I trust that I am meant to let the idea go.

It is not always easy to act with love being the first in mind, the guiding force…, but I believe with my whole experience, my whole life, my whole being, that love is truly the way to go about it all, 100%… and so, I persist.

I shall give love, and I shall listen to God and the silent whispers of the angels around me to guide me to the best way that I can give love in this particular situation (and in all others, but I am acutely aware of this one at the moment), and I will do my best to do whatever that is.

Fingers crossed, prayers out there, God help me to love truly.

Post-a-day 2020

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