Accepting love

“You never answered my question… If I ever end up in trouble, can I say that you are my lawyer?”

Leaning against the wall, part stretching and part supporting a tired body post-workout, he shakes his head slowly, looking down.

He turns his eyes to me, and says calmly, “I’m all yours,” still slowly shaking his head.


And it is a form of love I have only recently been able to acknowledge and to allow myself to experience and embrace, this statement of his.

He is not trying to get anything out of me… he just loves me.

But I can see it now: people love me, and for me.

Not for anything else – not for my ability at the gym, or how quickly or effectively I can quip, or how much money I make, or what work I do… people love me for me, for what is inside, and for what I bring forth to the world around me just by letting everything else go and being genuine and true…

People love me, and honestly so.

Post-a-day 2020

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