Do you ever have those times where you’re sharing about an extremely unique situation that no one has really been able to understand (due to its uniqueness), but every seems to have been asking you about, and so you’re already accustomed to having to cut corners in the explanation and skip along quickly, so as not to leave the listener bored or confused…, and then, as you begin to touch on what is usually the part where you have to do the most explaining and skipping along, you realize that you are, this time, talking to the one person you know who not only is likely to understand all of it, but who has been through it all himself?

It was a simple part of conversation – one that is usually rather superficial with most people who ask about it – that turned suddenly and easily to a heart-to-heart (though not touchy-feely), deep, and open piece conversation that provided immense insight for me…

How lovely are such surprises in life, especially when they catch us so utterly off-guard… 🙂

Post-a-day 2020

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