Today, my Instagram account stopped linking properly with my Facebook account, only uploading a post if it had only a single image, and not multiple images.

This troubled me.

I troubleshooted, and I discovered the exact issue, but not a solution.

And it troubles me somewhat that the issue itself troubles me…, for what attachments do I have involved in such a silly little technical issue?

Or is it merely that I find it absurd when such simple things go wrong, because I view it as the likely result of what I would consider to be the simple stupidity of someone or people not thinking things through thoroughly, so that they actually do a good, worthy job?

Maybe a bit of both…

Post-a-day 2018


Say, what??

Sometimes, misunderstandings are a really great thing (so long as we communicate with one another to discuss the situation), because, in resolving them, we suddenly have grown closer to one another than we were before the misunderstanding.

And I think that is for the better for all parties involved. 🙂

Post-a-day 2018