Nasty creatures and decay

Well, they exploded all over again today – by the time I went up after lunch, there were about forty of the disgusting things up in my room, doing their odd version of mixing and mingling with one another.

I still didn’t cry, but I definitely felt the panic within me.

However, I acted as was necessary to move things forward with clearing them out of there, hanging several flypaper ribbons around the room, covering my clothes with blankets, and getting the **** out of there myself.

I prepared myself mentally for the possibility of not sleeping in there tonight, as they were kind of all over, and, though I wasn’t seeming to be freaking out at the time, I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle staying in the room without cleaning it… and I knew that they might not all be gone yet, too.

This was a fortunate mental preparation, as I am currently sitting on a pallet on the floor of the yoga room, getting ready to go to sleep, feeling oddly exposed out in the open, likely to be found by the first teacher tomorrow morning.

Nonetheless, I am rolling with it… this is what I can afford right now, and this is the neighborhood in which I want to be living right now, so this is where I live… sucks and all…

Anyway… sweet dreams and restful sleep unto us all tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Post-a-day 2019


We’re staying at my aunt and uncle’s house tonight (though they are out of town), and I found myself noticing how baby-oriented everything here seems to be now.

No daughters living in their individual rooms, no young nieces and nephews and adult siblings and parents coming to visit all the time anymore… just their daughters visiting occasionally with their babies and tiny children.

And then I realized that a lot of their traveling is either to visit the out-of-town grandchildren or to go on vacation with the daughters and grandchildren.

And so, essentially, their lives focus greatly around their grandchildren (they’re retired, you see…. my aunt and uncle…, so they don’t do other work.)… they do house edits on their various (three) houses, and rotate between them all reasonably regularly, and then they vacation (aka grandchildren).

How interesting that must be.

How wonderful that must be… to be able to focus as much time and effort as you want on the grandchildren, and to help your children with them all you want…

Perhaps that is one of the goals people have in life – live well enough and work well enough to be free and available for your children and their children, once the grandchildren come around.

And they do it while living quite well, too… not bad at all…

Yes… perhaps this can be a sort of goal for me, too… work hard, so the kids can have everything beneficial and lovely in their lives, and so they end up pursuing the same for their children, and then be super active and available in the lives of their children while they do the hard work like you did…

It somehow seems unbalanced or unfair or, at least, like it could be done way better… but I haven’t a better solution at the moment, so I’ll keep it in mind and think on it a while in the coming day and weeks and, possibly, years…


Post-a-day 2019

Uninvited overnight guest

Not the messages you want to be sending anyone at three in the morning:

Not great news: 80% certain that there is an animal in the attic right now. I went out front to look on the wall, and saw no creature there (just some old vines). There is a hole in the roof by the porch, though, and I can hear it going crazy right now.

It sounds like it is genuinely destroying boards inside the wall. I hear things falling down the wall.

And yet, I just sent them.

And it is terrifying me just a little bit, because this creature sounds totally capable of breaking through the walls within definitely a few hours…. so I’m nervous to go to sleep, and risk having a creature fully in the house when I awaken with a jolt at its entry.

……. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Post-a-day 2019

Baby talk

At 35, you’re considered geriatric.(!)

I’m not gonna be geriatric.

I stopped by to visit a friend at her extra job today, so I could pick up her key to go play with her cat and dog.

We started with talk about Christmas presents and CrossFit, and ended up on careers and finances, houses and babies, all within about three minutes of chatting.

We joked about how her husband (currently boyfriend) who is finishing medical school right now, will be super poor for the next several years, and so she wants to work and save as much as possible now, so she can buy a house and have babies at the latest by 30.

Thus the glorious comment at the start of this… gotta love the oddities that drive us all forward in life. ;P

Post-a-day 2018

The insignificant significant thought

Thought for the day, which can be answered easily by either asking a friend of mine or by doing some very quick research: I wonder when houses switched from having air vents be on the floor to having them be on the ceiling, and why – sure, cool air falls, but heat still rises…, so it makes sense (in a way) to have heat vents on the floor and cool vents on the ceiling, instead of just one location for both.

Post-a-day 2018

Art Alive

After brunch today, we went to the Cherryhurst House in Houston for its current in-house exhibit by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. ย It is called “Ripple”, and it is wonderful. ย I spoke with Dean Ruck while inside the exhibit/house (you’ll see what I mean in a minute), and learned a bit about how his day job provides him ample knowledge on how to take on such a task safely and successfully. ย When I first entered the house, I felt instantly that it was just like the vortex-y black-hole-sucking-itself-inwardย houseย I had seen years and years ago on Montrose Boulevard in Houston, though also totally different. ย (Obviously, that was my own description of it. ย The project was apparently called “Inversion”. ย Very appropriately named, of course.) ย I found out that, of course, the same artists had done that project as well as this one.

Anyway, the one today, Ripple, was great. ย Go. ย See. ย It. ย !!!!

And there was even real quiche to enjoy as part of the opening celebration of the exhibit, which, alongside the perfect-volumed music and delicious beverages, made really quite stupendous slightly rainy afternoon.

How’d you like to walk in to this through the front door of a house?
(Well, you can right now! ย Go check it out with an easy reservation at Cherryhurst House. ย Seriously. ย It’s well worth the visit.)


A few views within the house, though the bottom left is a photo I took through a hole in the wall, while standing outside the house.


P.S. I guess it was all the woodwork we had seen, but my mom and I called up my cousin (as she followed us in her own car) on the way home from the exhibit, so she could participate on speaker phone with our sing-a-long to “Heaven on Their Minds” from Jesus Christ Superstar. ย He specifically references Jesus’s possible future of being a carpenter, the point at saying which is one of the best parts of the song musically.

Post-a-day 2018

Moms and being young at heart

My mom came home late tonight, and walked into my room with a surprise for me. ย Bop It Extreme (R) with newly replaced batteries. ย I asked if she was teasing me, because it was actually just going to make some absurd sound after sitting for over a decade, but she declared that she had found it today and had put in new batteries specifically because she recalled that I had liked the game.

I showed her how I always held it, told her about the sounds for scoring, and convinced her to play the group version with me, passing it back and forth together. ย We were both laughing like little kids. ย It was fabulous.

Afterward, we began discussing family activities for our family open house the Saturday before Christmas, while we have family all in town. ย The main topic of this discussion was cooked decorating. ย As my mom listed off the number of dog houses, campers, trains, houses, sweaters, and ninjas she had, we couldn’t contain our growing smiles. ย She ended with, “and a partridge in a pear tree,” and we both laughed while she figured out what sheย actually had not yet listed (there is no partridge and no pear tree). ย I said that it sounded more like a “The dog, in the camper, with the nunchucks,” kind of scenario. ย She argued that the dog goes in the doghouse, though, but then declared thatย that isย why the dog is in the doghouse – becauseย he was the one in the camper with the nunchucks…

Can you tell we are young at heart? ย I sure love it. ย ๐Ÿ˜€


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