‘I know what I want, but where is he?!’

‘He’s improving his girth.’

‘He’d darn well better be! That’s important…’


A bit of a lighthearted scuffle seems to be happening just behind me. Perhaps it is someone try to squeeze by between the chair backs. Two people are laughing. One says, “We both have girth..,” and I turn to see to whom he was speaking. It is my girlfriend’s mom. What on Earth is he talking about??????

Eventually, I realize he was referencing the width and thickness of their bodies, and those being the reason it had been difficult for her to pass by with his standing there. That makes sense…

But who on Earth uses girth to talk about anything other than male genitalia? Who????

Apparently this guy does, but he must be one of a select few in the world…

And so, a brief conversation on girth and its implementation ensued. Thus the opening remarks on here. Naturally, girth came up several times over the next few hours. They were great.

Post-a-day 2021

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