Hello, my dear, dear, perfectly-for-me man

I slept terribly last night, with the air a mess and a door constantly opening and slamming, due to the air pressure and all.

But, you know what? I had an aMAZing dream. I dreamt of my man. We had just met. He was someone’s brother. I had met his sister first, and, when she asked me how meeting him had gone, I told her I had no words. He was spectacular and everything perfect for me. Their dad was silly, yet wonderful. His sister was lovely already. But he was everything for me. My whole mind and body were perfect with him, beautifully in tune with him. And he was perfectly in tune with all of me, in every way.

At one point, we were driving in a car. I was shot gun, semi-sleeping, and he was driving. I was on my right side, turned mostly away from him. Someone was in the back seat. He and I had only just met that day or the day before. In my sleepy haze, I reached down and put my left hand against his right, which was resting below the steering wheel. He picked up his right hand after a moment and put it on the wheel, turning the car. When he finished turning, he put his right hand down, intertwining his fingers with mine, easily and without big deal-ness. I remember wondering what the people in the back might think, since he and I had only just met. But I also knew he was my person, my partner, my man in life. We were for each other. So, I wasn’t worried.

Throughout it all, I just could hardly wait to be with him exclusively, away from everyone else, and also to be with him every day and night. He had been running at one point, when I arrived where he was. I had him pause running to kiss and hug him. It didn’t bother me that he was all sweaty – I truly didn’t care -, and I even told him that, and commented on how bizarre it was for me, and I laughed. I just was totally okay and barely even noticed the sweatiness as I held and embraced him. He was perfect for me, and everything about me knew it. We were perfect for each other, in all ways.


P.S. Happy Christmas…

Post-a-day 2021

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