I’m staying at my sister’s this weekend while they are out of town. I think that is the perfect time to move my bed out of my friend’s house. That way, I can adjust things at the apartment as needed before I actually have to stay there on Sunday night. But I can prepare myself mentally Friday and Saturday nights while at my sister’s house, and then my brain likely can adjust better to the idea of moving there when it had already been moving and has been somewhere it considers ‘away from home’ already. That way, I won’t be moving from ‘home’ to ‘somewhere strange and not as nice’. Instead, I’ll go from ‘home’ to ‘my sister’s house’ and then to ‘another place’, where I will start to adjust over time to have it feel like a ‘home’ of its own.

I like this idea. God, help me, please, to enact it well! I trust in your timing and in all you do and wish. Help me to manifest and to embody it all through and for you. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

(Yup. Still hesitating.)

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