Crazy lady travels free

I was just thinking about when my coworker and I took a group of kids to England and France a few summers ago, and things associated with that.  At the end of the trip, I stayed in France to go visit my old stomping grounds down south, and so I left the group to go home on a flight with my coworker (per our own full agreement and arrangement ahead of time).  I waited too long to decide to do that, so I had to pay $350 for the flight change (Ugh).  We also each had to pay $937.50 for the trip in the first place (Meh).  Therefore, I had to pay a total of $1287.50 for a 10-day trip that included all accommodations, food, tours, and transport, and another ten days on location at my own expense, which is really not bad at all.  At all.

However – and this is a BIG however – as part of our arranging and hosting this trip in the first place, the tour company gave us each a training trip.

Mine, as I selected it, was a long weekend trip, with food, housing, tours, and transportation included, to downtown Rome, Italy.  Therefore, my just-under 1300 dollars actually got me two separate trips to Europe, with almost all expenses paid for most of the time on the trips.

I really do come up with the craziest stuff to have happen in my life.  And – what is possibly the best part of this all – I don’t even seem to notice how absurd it all is, until I find myself ruminating on this and thats one afternoon, years later, and it suddenly hits me that, say, taking a free trip to Europe is not a normal thing in life.  I take this moment to nod my head to my cousin for the question she exasperatedly declared one evening at my apartment a few years ago: “Hannah, do you even know what real life is like?”

Indeed, fair cousin, it seems I do not know that most of the time – reality bites, so I live somewhere else, and I love it.  🙂

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The Goofy Tour Guide(?)

One of my favorite things recently was the time I got to take some of my students around London and Paris.  They literally chased after me at times, as I wound them through the buzz and hub of the cities and their transit systems.  And, from what I understood during and after the trip, they totally loved it.  As did I.

In all the photos, of course, my friend and I looked like two of the kids on the trip, instead of the adult chaperones, but that was okay – it wasn’t like we acted much differently than the kids, anyway. 😛  Sure, we were responsible and all, but also totally silly and fun like kids.  And, while I loved getting to be with a group of people who could be fun and goofy with me, that wasn’t the best part.  

What I loved most was what I was able to give to the kids, what Inwas able to share with them, impart to them.

Everywhere we went, I kept buying them snacks of all sorts (all local favorites, of course).  I was sure to take them to do the silly things you don’t usually get to do on an organized travel tour (like experiencing a grocery store, taking time to sit and enjoy street music, discreetly convincing a pub to let you use their bathroom without having bought anything, finding your favorite books for half the price and in the language you’re learning – things like that, and much more).  I literally spread joy and enhanced people’s world views just by sharing my own knowledge and experiences with them.

Ever since then, I have wanted to do more and more of that.  Sure, I get to do it every time someone visits me, wherever I happen to be at the time, but it just isn’t the same as that trip… perhaps discovering the difference will lead me to a way to make it happen on a consistent basis… That would be awesome.  😀

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