Bedtime giggles

Lying on the bed, only slightly chilled with no socks on my feet, I chuckle from the belly as my mom describes and displays how her husband regularly gets the sheets wonky and twisted and pulling tight across her in the middle of the night while they both sleep… or, at least, while he sleeps and while she starts to panic with claustrophobia under the suddenly taught and uncomfortably snug sheets.

We are at a spectacular Airbnb this week, as we help my grandma move into an assisted living complex. It seems like a really great place. We are here before her, as we are aiming to set up the bulk of the apartment before she arrives tomorrow afternoon/midday-ish. It has been a lot, but it seems to be going well so Fant. Plus, we have been really enjoying one another’s company, especially tonight at the Airbnb. My mom and aunt and uncle, and my brother and his wife and I are all here. The dynamic has been quite pleasant. We shall see how things alter tomorrow, when a different uncle joins us. He is very different from us in many, many ways. Fingers crossed we all have a wonderful time tomorrow and tomorrow night, too. There is much to be done in the morning – very, very much. Hopefully, we will manage it all so well that we have little to do in the afternoon/evening, and my grandma is impressed with her new home and likes it. God, help us succeed, please, in being your love in the world and, especially, in the life of my grandma tomorrow and this week. Amen.

Post-a-day 2021

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