I went to my sister’s house early, so I could do a workout in her front yard at the same time as the gym was doing the same workout at the gym. Afterward, she and her husband would be leaving to go to something, and Imd be with the kids. As I finish my workout and go inside to go to the bathroom, one of the two girls who has been let outside during my workout decided to hide without telling anyone. I could see her from the bathroom window initially and had intended to play a bit with them out front before heading inside for the evening. I just had to go to the bathroom first, as I knew I was all bloody after those double unders.

However, she had other plans in mind when she decided to disappear/hide. The middle child and I walked the whole neighborhood, and she even started to cry. Something in me wasn’t worried, though – I kept wondering at that… was it a sixth sense guiding me then, telling me she was totally fine and was genuinely just playing a trick on us? I kept calm yet firm about finding the sister. After returning from the park, just as this older sister was starting to cry about her missing younger sister, I could hear scream yelling coming from the front yard. Sure enough, it was the youngest. She had been hiding in her dad’s truck apparently, having a blast as we all looked for her, though none of us was playing.

As we had been walking back to the house, I had been thinking of how ridiculous it was that I hadn’t even started my real supervision duties for the evening and there was already a kid missing – not the best start for me, ne? Man…

Obviously, I’m glad she was okay. But I’m still a touch spooked at the fact that I wasn’t spooked at all. I didn’t even know that she had a history of hiding or running off initially, and I had felt like she was just hiding somewhere nearby…

Thank you, God, for that bizarre yet helpful guide today. And please, do give the youngest kid a bit more sense. That was super not cool today on her part. Guide us that we be your love expressed. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022


I didn’t go to the gym this morning, as going to bed at midnight after the opera just did not give my body the rest it needed to take on today, especially not with a workout to start it all off. So, I slept another two-ish hours, and that was barely enough to get by for the day.

After school, I got to go workout, though, despite my plans o babysit for my friend so she could go. Her dad came to watch the baby for 30-45 minutes while my friend drove to the my, and I finished working out and came home to take over the babysitting. I’m glad I got to work out, but, boy, I am wiped. The baby has a fever, which probably is playing a role in my present state of exhaustion – my body is probably working overtime right now (though, no fever for me, thank goodness).

At that, Imma sleep now. Goodnight.

Post-a-day 2022