Cold, cold, cold


It is cold tonight. I have been chilled to my bones for most of today, actually. My fingers are still super sore from the cold water from brushing my teeth several minutes ago. (They are separate taps/faucets for cold and hot waters, so I can pick “seasonal cold” or “scalding hot”.) And my toes will need socks in order for me to fall asleep, despite my flannel sheets.

And did I mention that I am exhausted?

I woke at 4:20am, exercised at 5:15, went to school to sub, worked on some things there, taught some lessons, worked on some photos, went home and ate, napped for ten minutes, went to the store job to start at 3:00pm, got home just before 9:00pm, sorted through a few things, showered, and am now, finally, almost ready for bed at 22:07… That’s almost 18 hours of going today. And I didn’t go to bed early last night either. I suspect tomorrow morning will be a bit tough for me to convince myself to get out of bed – cold and exhausted are not a promising combination. 😛

Nonetheless, I would like to exercise in the morning, so that my day works out as planned, and I get to nap and do all my work for the tidying schedule! Yippee!

Goodnight, folks! 😉

Post-a-day 2021

^Thought somewhat ahead this time

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