Casual, comfortable, easy love

I experienced a lot of love from the kids today, and it was wonderful. It was that somewhat passive love, where they just show up and hang out in the classroom with me, only sometimes talking directly to me, but choosing to be there specifically. And someone was almost always talking to me at any given time. They just kind of swapped around, so to speak. It reminded me of spending time with friends, like how was so normal in high school and college. Adulthood hasn’t much offered such scenarios. Everyone always wants to go somewhere, to do something. These kids did nothing but futz around in a classroom together today for an hour, and they barely even pulled out phones, but for the occasional picture display or something. It was wonderful. It was loud. Yet it was wonderful. And I am grateful.

Thank you, God and Universe. Thank you. If you please, give me more love and silliness like this afternoon. Help me to be surrounded by friends who can have fun with me in such a loving, easy way.

Post-a-day 2021

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