LA Times

Tonight, I drove through Beverly Hills, saw the Beverly Wilshire (but no bus stop!), visited Rodeo Drive, and drove on Mulholland Drive.

Earlier today, I saw the building for the LA Times, and nerded out at the fact that I do their crossword puzzle.

And then, this afternoon, I walked on the beach and felt the cold California Coast water (Beach Boys inspired that desire, though I’ve done it once before already).

My SoCal dreams have been just about satisfied. πŸ˜›

Post-a-day 2019

My very own “Pretty Woman” scene

You know the iconic shopping scene in “Pretty Woman”, where Julia Roberts tries on loads of fabulous outfits, and it just plain looks like a photo shoot? Β Right, well, if you don’t, I suggest you get on that cultural tidbit, because it’s fabulous. Β Anyway, so I remember a Cameron Diaz film having a sort of spoof on the scene, and, though I was somewhat unimpressed by the scene, I noticed a sense of something nigh to jealousy… envy with a little something more. Β I want to do what they were doing. Β I want to have my own BFF fake photo shoot at the clothing store, trying on amazing outfits, my subconscious cried.

And I’ve always remembered that, though I’ve never remember toΒ do anything about the silent wish I’d had that day. Β Tonight, as I was thinking of this one particular store where my family has shopped occasionally for most of my life, – it’s a discount outlet-type high-end clothing etc. store – I recalled a particular jacket that my cousin and I loved. Β And then I remembered how we had both put one on in the store, and taken photos together. And then, like a rush of memory, I recalled a whoosh of different pieces we all had tried on together, and the loads of photos we took. Β We had done our own “Pretty Woman” clothing store photo shoot, and I hadn’t even noticed. Β Why? Β Because we were just being ourselves. Β We were attempting to recreate something we’d seen elsewhere. Β We were just doing our own thing, being silly and fancy with high-end discount clothing etc. and having a wonderful time.

How cool is that? Β I had hoped one day to copy the scene in my real life, but knew that it would be always that: a copy. Β Instead, I got the real deal, and we had an actual spontaneous in-shop clothing photo shoot together. Β Wicked. Β I love life. Β And family. Β Especially family.

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