Get Frozen

And the thunder rolls, and the storm inside prepares to release all hell on us all, a full-force gale to accompany the downpour… you can see the purples and grays, mounting their downward attack… the daunting sky above reflects perfectly what is inside…

And then you have a choice.

You can let the storm explode with its full fury, or you can let it pass…

You can be right about all of your negative, self-degrading thoughts, or you can let them go…

But it is up to you… your life is up to you, and my life is up to me.

I can battle the storm inside, or I can just let it all go, already…

I guess, if I hold on to it all, I get to be right about not being wanted, I get to be a victim, and I get to justify my hurt.

If I let it go, though, I can be free of it, and I can be free to move on to anything I want – I no longer have to be controlled by this…

And this might turn out all right after all, but panicking and building this storm of stress and emotions won’t help it to work out…

So, I guess I am letting it go…



I accept.


P.S. As though in universal support of my resolution here, I opened my e-mail to find this daily message for today(!!!):

Post-a-day 2020

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