Progress so far

Well, the plan worked somewhat. I definitely felt somewhat ill by mid-morning, and so had to take a rest and gather myself energetically, lying on the floor, somewhat of a mess, for close to twenty minutes. But I ended up feeling loads better after that, and was really able to get to work.

I went to Mass at 9:00, as I woke up just after 7. I could have stayed up, when I awoke just after four, but thought better of it (and also was afraid of the day’s tasks, so took some time to avoid it beneficially with some needed sleep). I had expected to be up still in time for the 7am Mass, but I wasn’t. I ended up staying in bed until just after 8, diddling on my phone for a while (but getting actual things done on it, too), and then closing my eyes again for a final snuggle away from it all before my alarm sounded for me to get ready for Mass. Mass went well enough, and I picked up a stack of boxes from the store.

When I got home, things were slow-moving initially. I ate a bit and took my supplements, but struggled to think clearly. I eventually managed to sort out what felt and still feels like too much clothing for six weeks. And then I got to packing boxes and moving things downstairs to the first floor. After my little rest, I really started moving quickly and effectively with things. It was also easier not to feel so miserable and sad after the rest, though I continuously reminded myself to focus only on the one task at hand (instead of the whole mass of to-dos), so that I could keep calm-ish about everything.

Going to bed now, I have packed the suitcases for my six weeks. I have boxed and moved down: desk, sewing, art, nostalgia paper, music, incense, karate, and sport supplies, as well as most of my clothes (hanging and folded), my teas, movies and CDs, and (most) electronics. The goal is to move all of that and my furniture into the storage unit tomorrow.

Then, I can box up and load the rest on Tuesday, with or without help. But, tomorrow, I have help from someone who happens to have a truck coming to work with him. I am extremely grateful at the fortune of this particular friend’s having offered to help me. I still don’t know how to pack the books or the records, but I’ve got a big bulk managed thus far, and I am grateful.

Jude, please keep looking out for me. God, please continue to bless me, that I pursue and fulfill my role in this life to be Your love in the world. In your name I pray. Amen.

P.S. Happy birthday to my paternal grandfather, Grandpa. He died several years ago, but I still remember him on his birthday, with gratitude. ❤

Post-a-day 2021

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