Working it out

In a somewhat bizarre way, my path has felt rather clear today. Things have been odd, compared to usual and typical, but I just rather rolled with them as they were and as I found myself feeling about them (without making it mean anything bad). I spoke up where I felt was important and valuable for me to do so, and that was great. And I felt heard, too, which was an awesome plus to those times.

Thank you, God and Universe, for the guidance today.

It is now raining and getting cold out again, and lightning keeps occasionally popping up brightly and grumblingly from a distance. I am sitting in bed, preparing to go to sleep. And I am looking forward to sleeping, yes. I also am satisfied with today.

Thank you, God and Universe, for all of it, especially the company tonight and the home they have had me join. Thank you for this love. Amen.

Post-a-day 2022

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