Yogi love

I experienced friendship today, and with people I mostly only had just met this weekend.

And with a cat, whom I met this morning.

It was wonderful.

It was musical.

I cooked dinner to share with everyone, and everyone made noises of intense delight upon first tasting his or her serving of the food – gratitude poured forth in their delight, and also in their verbal reinforcement by words… and the food really was delicious.

And, the fact that the food was warm made a huge difference for us all – in a cold, air-conditioned house with no gas turned on – that means miserably cold showers and no stovetop cooking – a warm meal, especially when unexpected, after a long day and in a chilly room, is just one of the best things ever.

And we enjoyed it all together.

Tonight was what I long for in my life, in terms of my living situation.

I want the community and love and concern for one another that was present in our constant talkings for hours and hours after all of our classes finished for the day.

Yes…, that is something I want to generate in my life…


Post-a-day 2019

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