Perfect timing: a quote

This makes perfect sense! I got so stuck in my troubles, I didn’t even think to consider that this might be the case.

Fortunately, I came across this by a crazy string of atypical steps just now, and have read it.

This is my life right now!

No wonder I feel so totally and absurdly insane… ‘How was your birthday?’… Commence practically breaking down into tears at my confusion as to how to answer… ‘It was okay, I guess…, good, even…, but I’m such a mess inside my head right now, I hardly can focus beyond this morning, let alone a few days ago, and the stress of my current brain agreements is driving me insane, and I just feel kind of worthless and a total failure about half the time right now…’

Not exactly the way to reply to such a question, right?

Anyway, it’s what has kind of happened… multiple times…

But the quote tonight has it all make sense to me suddenly, and in a way I am almost surprised I hadn’t considered already, as it is typically the kind of thing I would consider.

This was the quote I read:

Every time you embody life light, it brings up unprocessed emotions and situations that still need to be shifted from the past. We level up, then take a few steps back in order to transcend the stuck energy. You are not regressing – this is part of the growth process.

(Slight edits in punctuation were made by me.)

(Posted by M. Savino, and shared further by a friend of a friend)

Post-a-day 2020

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