Interview time

First interview tomorrow!!

I am not exactly nervous, but I am about anxious. I want to do well, but I more want the company and me to be a match for one another, and it, therefore, to go well, such that I am hired by them, and we have an awesome time working together.

As with any job interview these days, I am going into it comfortable in myself and trusting the Universe that all will go perfectly, whether I notice it at first or not.

Now, since this is one about which I particularly care, as I feel we at every likely to be big deal matches for one another, I have just a bit more research I will be doing in the morning, before the interview, because I am very sleepy right now, and I think it is best that I sleep for a while to make my efforts count best. As Echo said, sleep is a weapon. Not that I am fighting here, but I always think of the phrase as being applicable in the use of “powerful tool” instead of “weapon”… sleep is a powerful tool. And I shall use it.

Wish me a positive experience, whether we match up or not, please! ;D

Post-a-day 2020

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