Thanksgiving Day, right?

1. The Turkey Trot was awesome. It was cool and misting the whole time to varying degrees, I ran my second-fastest 5k despite the crazy elevation changes throughout the trail run, I got fifth in my age group (25-50!) and tenth in women and 38th overall, my man got fourth in his age group and 20th in men and 24th overall, and my mom got eighth in her age group (50+) and 72nd in women and 157th overall (she did a walk-run for the whole thing, whereas we ran for times).

Oddly, at the finish, they had bananas and granola bars and waters‚Ķ and homemade spring rolls. ūüėõ

2. My mom made us a tasty ad warm brunch afterward.

3. We had a good time saying bye to my Grandma. She was very good at charming the dog this week, as you can see…

4. We finally get home tonight, and I’ve been waiting for a nice and hot shower before bed in my comfy and cozy bed with my awesome new pillow… and the gas line has a leak in the backyard… meaning we have no heat in the house, no hot water, and no stove to make hot water. Fortunately, I had an electric kettle, so I pulled it out and heated two pitchers, poured them into a big pot, and took the pot and a coffee mug to the shower with me. I cried most of the shower, but scooping out some hot water with the mug, then adding cold water from the shower to it and pouring it over parts of my body helped me wash myself better. And I filled the whole pot with extra cold water at the end, and I dumped the whole thing over my head (and, therefore, body) after turning off the freezing shower head. So, it was rough, in a ridiculous way, but it ended decently. My feet have almost stopped hurting from all the cold.

Anyway, bedtime has long since passed. Goodnight!

Post-a-day 2022


It’s cold enough and I’m tired enough that I can’t seem to think about almost anything… ¬†My eyes merely continue to close for increasingly long periods of time at every blink, and my mind keeps wondering why the air hasn’t turned on yet, since the temperature in here is well below the setting on the thermostat… ¬†I guess we¬†are kind of wimps here in Houston, when it comes to cold weather. ¬†Yesterday and today actually did have cold weather. ¬†It was in the single digits of Celsius (I totally don’t know cold weather in Fahrenheit, because I’ve never lived anywhere that uses Fahrenheit and that has consistent cold weather.), and the high was around 15 or 16 Celsius (16 is 61 in Fahrenheit – I know that conversion!). ¬†However, our bodies still don’t take it well, especially when it actually is reasonably cold weather like yesterday. ¬†I’ve already got a cold going from our sudden drop the other night (combined with my minimal sleep this week, of course), and I’m sitting under my sheets right now, shivering at the coldness of the room (it reads 69), wondering if I’ll be able to sleep if the heat doesn’t come on. ¬†I only really set it to 71 or 72 right now, because it isn’t¬†that cold outside. ¬†But it’s set higher right now, just to test the system. ¬†Sadly, as you can tell, the system is failing me right now. ¬†And I’m really tired and want to sleep, but I already know that I will struggle with that, because my exposed skin – aka my face – will be so cold.

Oh, well… here’s to hoping for happy, warm, cozy rest tonight, and cool, crisp weather tomorrow (followed by a spectacular, long night tomorrow night, complete with sleeping in Saturday morning)!

Post-a-day 2018

My well-worn boots

Tomorrow, I am to wear boots. ¬†They are cowboy boots. ¬†I got them in Vienna, while I lived there a few years ago. ¬†For my best friend’s wedding, the bridal party all wore cowboy boots. ¬†The night before the wedding, we had a fire outside in the cool, January first air. ¬†I had my foot resting on the edge of the ring around the fire pit, not realizing that it was a metal pit (as opposed to a ring¬†around a dirt pit), and the edge was connected to the part holding the fire. ¬†I felt a stickiness when I adjusted my footing, and checked my boot to see what its cause was. ¬†No, it was not tree sap, but rather the melting of the sole of my boot.

To this day, I recall the incident every time I think of the boots, and I smile goofily (or so it feels to me, anyway) when I see the deep line going across the forward sole of my one boot. ¬†I am also grateful that I noticed it when I had, and that the sole still remains entirely functional, despite the sort of gash – I could have burned my foot if it’d gone through the sole much farther!

Just an interesting story about my boots, I suppose. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Oh, and they’re from a store called something like “New York”.


Post-a-day 2017

Umbrellas at Night

People look at me like I’m crazy as I walk down the street. ¬†I know I get looks a lot of the time, and oftentimes for good reason, but today/tonight has been particularly ridiculous.

Sure, I’m using an umbrella when it’s not raining, but all it takes is a little logic (or perhaps I’m just a bit too creative and/or crazy for the average Japanese person?).

So, it isn’t raining. ¬†What other reasons might someone use an umbrella? ¬†To block the sun. ¬†Okay, but it’s a clear umbrella. ¬†And sometimes it’s even nighttime when I’m using it. ¬†So, the sun thing doesn’t make too much sense. ¬†Okay, why¬†else might someone use an umbrella? ¬†It is usually for some sort of protection from the elements, right? ¬†So, what elements are at play right now? ¬†Ridiculously cold temperatures. ¬†Wind. ¬†Hmm… I wonder if those have anything to do with it?

As my hair rests calmly halfway beneath and halfway behind the umbrella, you’d think people would grasp the fact that I am using the umbrella to block this frigid wind. ¬†But no, they really don’t seem to get it. ¬†They just stare at me like I’m totally nuts. ¬†Which, by the way,¬†is quite a different look from the usual one I get as¬†a foreigner. ¬†Just saying. ¬†ūüėõ


Post-a-day 2017

It’s just not Christmas

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without family and friends with whom to be jolly.  Even when the weather is all chilly slash freezing (literally), it just feels like a cold front. And, watching Christmas films just feels out of season when watching them solo… not like it’s Christmastime.

I guess I never fully realized how much Christmas is a shared event. It has never felt so non-Christmas-y, than it has here, in a world where Christ has no role, general jollity, candy canes, and mistletoe are nonexistent, and family and friends are far away.
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