Adulting: slumber party edition

My mom, my oldest brother, and I had a semi-spontaneous sleepover last night, when my brother was visiting Texas for work (but about three hours away from Houston), and we decided to make a miniature event of his being drastically closer than Wisconsin.

After spending the evening together and with a couple other family members, the three of us stayed up talking for another two hours after the lights were out…

It was a really good night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love family.

Post-a-day 2018

beach day

Today, my first full day back in the USA, we went to the beach. ย I had planned to spend some time by and in the pool in my mom’s backyard, so as to acclimate myself to this time zone, using the sunlight on my skin as the main helper. ย But, when I went downstairs to find food to heal my headache, my mom suggested the beach. ย Obviously, the answer wasย yes.

My cousin, who lives in Galveston, walked down to meet us at the beach with her pup. ย I had a wonderful time just hanging out with her and my mom and the dog. ย We walked, we swam, we boogie boarded, we tossed a stick for the dog, and we, above all, chatted. ย We didn’t talk about much, which is something that I noticed much earlier on today, but we did talk. ย It were as though we were all really close, and we saw one another all the time, that we didn’t have much anything important to discuss. ย It was like we were just hanging out for our regular hangout time… which ย we don’t actually have, but hopefully you get the point.

We had a wonderful lunch afterward, and then my mom and I headed home to grab the rest of my stuff, and to head out to check my new bicycle’s height, before going to my friend’s house (where I’ll be staying for about six weeks). ย My friend and her husband were super stellar when we arrived this afternoon, and they have been just wonderful so far since then. ย I think I’m gonna like it here.


Post-a-day 2017

Life Goals…?

If you know me personally, don’t freak out, okay?

Now, I have this strange feeling that I have a somewhat unreasonable but real desire powering me into this next year of my life.  It’s not as though I am actively thinking, “This is why I am doing this,” or whatever.  It’s more like a secret desire and hope that is hanging out in the background of my mind and life, ever so slightly prodding me to be successful in all of my endeavors.

I am planning out my move back to the US this late summer, and I am emphasizing doing what I love to do, things that bring me true joy and fulfillment, and which easily bring forth the full efforts of my heart.  My time here in Japan has shown me that I do, in fact, love teaching, but that there is much more that I want to have be part of my daily and weekly life.  (And that I want to eat loads of fruit all the time.)  I also still hold that I want to make a comfortable amount of money, to where I can still always buy lunch for my friends, get an extra gelato at midnight, and go on random trips every month-ish.  So, I have this really neat and flexible plan for moving back to the States and getting myself in line with all of those things.

The biggest thing that has come up for me in all of this “life searching”, so to call it, though, is my love of children, and finally acknowledging that I want a child of my own, in my own home.  With this, of course, also came the acceptance of the idea that I want to adopt a child, and not birth one myself. (Though I’ve never liked the idea of giving birth, it’s certainly not the reason for wanting to adopt, – there’s a whole background to the adoption idea for me – but skipping the pains of birth is a great perquisite to adoption.)

And so, with all of that in mind, I find myself somehow secretly excited about finding a comfortable routine and financial balance in my next year.  Even though I know it might not even happen, the idea of being at a place where I could consider adopting, is… , well…, empowering.  It excites me about my next set of endeavors, and in a way I have never been excited about things.  This one, in a way, is somewhat selfless.  Yes, I want the child to be in my life and all.  But the whole goal is to give love and everything wonderful to another.  So, in a way, it’s like everything I do is for that someone else now.  Even if that someone else never ends up coming along for me, it’s an aim, a possibility, that empowers me to be and do the best I can.

I’m not so sure that I did a very good job of expressing all of this, and I know I’ve left loads of it out of the above text, but I just wanted to share it, at least in some degree, with the world.  I want a kid.  And I want to do what I can to create my beautiful dream life now, so that that kid can join me, and (semi-) soon.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Post-a-day 2017


Today, sitting with a friend at Costco (yes, Japan has Costco, oddly enough), I noticed how at home I felt.  I used to go to Costco with my dad, and Sam’s with each of my parents long before that.  Now, being at Costco gives me a sense of everything being alright, and that I am loved and surrounded by those who love me (or at least am in the same town as they, and I will be with them soon enough).  So, naturally, it was odd when we walked out of the store, because the crashing cold extinguished any and all warm feelings of home and home-y-ness, returning me to my current locale…  

I’m okay here, certainly.  I do believe what my mother once commented about me, though: I am European.  She didn’t mean that I actually am European, of course, but that my style and my ways are very much in sync with those of Europe, and not with those of Asia.  I imagine that I one day will be excited by a Japanese shop or this or that, when I am off elsewhere in the world.  However, I am starting to see that the sentiment will not reflect that of when I cross a European cafe or restaurant – the former is likely to be a thought of “Well, that was a neat time,” and the latter occurs as an actual piece of me.

Post-a-day 2017

Moms as the best

You know how moms can sometimes be just the best thing ever? ย Yeah, my mom is that aย lot of the time. ย For me, anyway. ย (Naturally. ย Haha.) ย But it makes me wonder about the people who don’t get to experience their moms at all. ย How do they survive? I ask myself. ย Without that amazing, extraordinary powerhouse of a woman, how do they ever learn the best parts of life? ย I suppose they find other women to fill various parts of the role, but certain bits are inevitably left unfulfilled.

Which brings me to my next point: I think I want to be a mom like crazy. ย But that I want to adopt children.

First off, I am no fan whatsoever of birthing. ย I laud anyone who does it and who is willing to do it – I could barely manage my first gynecology appointment without throwing up; birth does not seem reasonable for my future from that fact alone. ย Add to it that I feel it to be, for myself anyway, irresponsible to bring more people into a painfully overpopulated society (read “world”), and the part where I may never have a partner to make the kids with me in the first place, and we’re getting closer and closer to the 0% marker.

However, despite the troubles they bring with them, I want to have kids. ย At least one, anyway. ย Sure, I’m terrified of totally messing up him or her. ย But, I do have confidence in God and the world to help us out wonderfully. ย So, this leads me to adoption. ย I’m not sure how I would want to go about it exactly, but I think it has to start with volunteering at children’s homes (read “orphanages”). ย Eventually, at some point in time, I’ll just know. ย You know?

I said recently that I would like to have a child in about five years. ย I think I do mean that. ย And, no, I do not take this lightly – not in the least. ย Remember, I’m not filling out the paperwork just yet. ย I’m merely considering my feelings in terms of possible concrete results. ย We’ll see what actually happens in another five years.

But I know how the right now I would like things to look, and they include a financially balanced me and a beautiful young child. ย ๐Ÿ™‚


Post-a-day 2017