Close caws

Well, today was an adventure. Not only did the chickens not like and squawk at and run away from the lawnmower this evening, but one of them got chased big time by the dog this afternoon. The dog snuck around the edge of the temporary fencing, and went after the single chicken that was walking around in its own while I watched over the little one they all keep picking on (I was making sure it could eat some of the feed, which the others tend to block it from having.).

Fortunately, the dog stopped the moment I hollered at her, as though she’d been smacked with a broomstick, and I knew the struggle had ended – she submitted fully to me, and it was easy to grab her collar and hand her off to my man, who had come storming outside at my shout. 😛

You’ll have to forgive the camera positioning, as I can’t change that after the fact. However, the expletives and shouting that followed were removed quite easily from the video. 😛 However, by removing those, I also removed the footage that showed the chicken very easily walking around afterward, totally alive and physically well, if somewhat emotionally traumatized.

Post-a-day 2023

Good start

Today was a success! Yay! Sure, there were definitely some moments of awkwardness, and I also had to sit around and wait for an hour and a half, simply because certain people did not communicate a schedule change to others. However, it all worked out okay, and I even got to walk around the festival for a while with my mom. I also got to sit in a shaded VIP area for a while with my mom and just hang out and rest somewhat. Both opportunities were great and greatly appreciated.

What’s more, my man built almost the whole chicken coop today!! ** So, an extra yay!! Yay!!

Thank you, God, for a successful day for us all. Grant us peace and purpose always, and heal all of us, please. In your name, I pray. Amen.

**I only just a few days ago re-learned – because I definitely knew this before – that it is a “chicken coop,” and not a “chicken coupe.” To be fair, I once read a joke, after having already heard my cousin tell it, that kind of made me mess up my spelling of the word.

Relevant joke that is meant to be said and not written: Why doesn’t a chicken coop have four doors? Because then it would be called a chicken sedan.

Though, the written joke had “coop” spelled already as “coupe,” which really messed me up. Also, I never understood the joke, because it was also worded poorly, instead saying something like, ‘Why does a chicken coupe only have two doors? Because otherwise it would be called a chicken sedan.’ I massively struggled with this version of the joke, because I only knew of chicken coops that had just one door. So, the premise alone didn’t make sense to me. Nonetheless, the idea of the joke is cute and comical. Imagining a “chicken sedan,” whatever that is, as well as a “chicken coupe,” is quite a fun game to play in the brain. Give it a go! Vroom-vroom!

Post-a-day 2023