Uh-oh, or just Ugh?

My body is worn out right now, and it rather has been all day. Sure, I ate a solid amount of food that wasn’t so great for my body over the past few weeks. But, man, has it really been hitting me hard today for my menstruation. I mean, really, I have had almost no energy or desire to do anything but curl up in bed, and possibly cry, too, as I fall back to sleep.

It’s amazing what food can do, both for the good and the bad health of the body. This 21-day cleanse has come just in time from the gym this weekend. Today was Day 1.

Despite feeling dreadfully exhausted today – and I’m almost certain it is all menstruation and food, as opposed to any actual illness -, I actually accomplished much. Spent time with a friend while we wifi-worked in a bake shop / coffee shop this morning, after working out, of course. I got great groceries. I applied to two remote jobs with Duolingo – I don’t fully qualify for either, but I applied anyway, because I want to work for that company, plus I want better work here for the time being. And I scheduled a birthday breakfast for my dad with my siblings tomorrow morning. And now my brain is finished working for the day. So, goodnight, all.

Post-a-day 2022


Sans wifi…

Students found out today that I have no television and no wifi (which means no Netflix) at home.

‘But what do you do at home?’ they ask, concernedly.

Well, tonight, I made this, while listening to a crazy mix of music (through my speakers) on a iPod I found that I think my dad handed down to me years ago…, possibly with a good part of the music included…

And now, I’ll go to reading as “Silver Bells” sings along gently on the speakers…

Farewell, digital world – goodnight.

Post-a-day 2019

Life and Language

No, I don’t watch television.

Do you watch Netflix, Hulu…?’

I don’t have Internet, wifi at home.

“Your life is boring,” he declares, matter-of-factly.

The other kids begin to panic, eyes wide at his blatant statement of potential rudeness to the teacher.

I laugh heartily, tell them how to say it all in French, and then mention how I’m actually really busy a lot of the time, and that my life is actually rather interesting – a fact which even takes me a bit by surprise in the moment.

I laugh and smile some more while they recover.

Later in the day, I am told…..

Actually, I am so tired, the memory I was intending for the past few hours to share has decided to go on vacation for a while…

I guess we’ll find out later, if it ends up coming back… 😛

Post-a-day 2019

The world turned upside down

The internet went out for a little while tonight…, and I find it somewhat hilarious that it was sort of a huge deal for the others in the house, and I almost couldn’t have cared less.  I did, after all, live several months wihout internet at home, both in the US and in Japan, and I even spent some months without cell service or phone service of any kind either…  I kind if enjoyed the certainty of quiet that it allowed.
  Knowing that no call or text or e-mail would arrive on any device whenever I was at home, was like breathing freely in a whole new way.  And all the important people knew my situation, so they knew to show up at my door if they wanted anything immediate, or to plan enough ahead to tell me to go check something at a certain time, using the WiFi down the road.

I almost miss that.  I certainly miss the reliability of work and income I’d had at the time.  😛  But that’s not really the point here, now, is it?

Post-a-day 2018